WP Robot Review

WP Robot Review

WP Robot Review: Autoposting Plugin

If you've ever wanted a program for WP that did it all for you automatically, this is it. WP Robot has it all and then some (See wprobot.net). You can readily auto post your articles and amazon products each and every day. You can even step it up and promote them hourly. Seriously, it's super easy and everyone should take a look at this.

This premium auto post is a great plug in for all WordPress blogs. It lets users add in their own fresh content readily and easily. It doesn't get more efficient than this. You can have it all for a reasonable price and it's quick and easy to set everything up at your convenience. You've never had it easier and your blog has never been easier to maintain. You'll be making money in short order with these modules.

If you've ever wanted to update your blog without having to do it manually, now is the time and this handy little plug in makes it easier than ever before. Here is a great little overview of this great robot program and you're gonna love it. (Check out other great plugins here)

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RSS Ebay Auctions

The WordPress Robot 1.2 plugin lets users create their posts using their Ebay auction RSS feeds and more. You no longer have to worry about your auctions expiring with this plugin, it shows the most recent auctions utilizing your specified keywords. What does this mean? It means you get more money. Visitors will see only the live auctions so you don't have to worry about the expired auctions. It's all there and updated for you. So simple that anyone can use it. Seriously, if auctions are expired you're not going to be able to make money on them so why not keep them updated with this handy little plug in.

MIX Feature

Just as the name 'MIX' suggests, you can mix your content from the various modules. By taking advantage of this little feature, you can add in thumbnails from your Flickr account to your blog posting. All of this is done for you automatically with your robot program. Of course, you can also rotate the Ebay auction through as well. By using this mix you 'mix' up your postings and allow for even more monetizing of your blog. Clearly, the possibilities of this handy robot plugin are endless.

Bulk Add Keywords

Tired of trying to determine the keywords? Robot allows you to quickly set up a huge number of keywords and randomly assign them to your posts so that you don't even have to think about it.

You also have options to post your content in foreign language. This includes all of the typical ones such as Spanish, French and German. With this handy feature you can reach a wider audience and gain even more viewers.

This is ideal with the Amazon module, Ebay module, Yahoo Answers and YouTube as well as Article Module.

Flickr Image Modules

Thanks to the newly released Flickr module, you can now post your images to any topic from Flickr to your blog. It also allows you to choose popular images with WP Robot. An added bonus is that it adds the best thumbnails to the posts as well.

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Several of the modules are drastically improved. Now you can get fewer posts that aren't related to the keywords.

Requirements for WP Robot:

To use WP Robot you're going to have to have the following:

  • WordPress 2.7+
  • cURL
  • PHP 5

Auto Blogging & Extra Features

This is a very powerful tool and many affiliates are becoming more successful by using it. There's no reason that you can't be one of them. WP Robot offers the best of the best when it comes to WordPress plugins and automating your blogging.

This new WordPress plugin offers you a variety of ways to auto post your articles, your products from amazon and even your Ebay auctions. You can post daily, hourly, weekly, whatever you choose. It's all up to you and it's never been easier. This is a must have plugin.

As a premium auto post plugin, this is one of the most successful and more and more bloggers are taking advantage of its myriad of benefits. It's easy to add new and fresh content to your site on a daily basis and this plugin makes it easier than ever before.

Amazon Module

Create postings for all of your Amazon products. Base them on the keyword and set up your preferred options. Reviews of the products are included and will post in the comments. In this fashion you'll be able to earn some affiliate money. Typically $35.

Article Module

Auto post each and every blog. It's never been easier. Your articles are taken from ArticlesBase.com and linked to the URL of the author. You'll never have to worry about the copyrights. $25.

Ebay Module

Keep auctions up to date on your blog with this module. You'll never have to worry about expired auctions. You can have up to 6 auctions per posting. your ebay affiliate program could earn you up to $15 this way.

Clickbank Module

My second favorite of all the modules, post the feed ads from your clickbank account to your blog. It's that simply. Use your affiliate ID and the right keywords.

Yahoo Answers Module

Find the right info about any question and get it posted in short order. Post questions as well. You can generate a lot of traffic in this fashion. $20.

YouTube Module

Your videos can easily be posted through this module. It can help you to drive even more traffic via the search engines. $15.

Translation Module

Last module, but not least, this one will translate everything except for the Ebay module into any language that is covered. Your posting will automatically be posted in the language that you specify. $15

WP Robot: 4 Edition

The entire package will only cost you $110. You're netting a savings of $30 for all of these great benefits.

Money Maker Edition

This one is just $55 and saves you $10. Includes Ebay, Amazon, and the Clickbank modules. It helps to monetize your blog efficiently.

Content Edition

Yahoo Answers, Clickbank, and YouTube for all of your content requirements. You're sure to appreciate the savings of $15 on this package that is only $60.


You can also choose your own modules and pay for only the ones you wish to utilize. Most people however like the above mentioned packages and find the one that most closely meets their needs and requirements for their blogs.

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